Construction lintel with basket 300 to 500 mm wide

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Product description

An insulated facade lintel equipped with a basket is a tailor-made solution for construction purposes. These lintels are available in various lengths and widths, and they are equipped with lifting eyes for easy installation. They are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of a project.

The method involves collaboration with the client to determine the positions of the construction lintels. After these positions have been determined, a draft production drawing is created. Lengths, widths and quantities are indicated on these concept drawings, but the reinforcement has not yet been filled in. The thickness of the reinforcement for the baskets or the dimensions of a steel beam must be completed by the client's constructor. The drawings are then adjusted with the completed reinforcement, resulting in a final production drawing. The delivery time for these construction lintels is approximately 25 working days.

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